Cloud Sellers designs and manufactures the most sought after, and copied, commercial tank cleaning machines on earth.


Manufacturing excellence for over 145 years.

A true industry pioneer, Cloud Company was the designer, patent holder and manufacturer of tank cleaning machines dating back six decades. In fact, the Cloud Model 360, based in principle on some of our earliest designs, remains today the standard by which all other tank cleaning machines are measured. Do not be fooled by imitators lacking in quality and performance.

The Cloud Company range of products includes a comprehensive line of rotary tank cleaning machines for superior impingement cleaning (high pressure rinsing) of the interior walls of all types and sizes of tanks and vessels. We also provide a complete line of hydraulic jets which, when combined with cold water and steam, provide a high-pressure, hot water cleaning solution for the exterior surface cleaning of plant equipment.

All Cloud Company machines are manufactured to the highest quality standards at the Cloud production facility in San Luis Obispo, CA. Our products have been used successfully in a broad range of applications in the wine, brewing, bulk transport, chemical and food processing, paint and coatings, refining, steel, pharmaceutical, marine and general industries. Units can be customized for all applications. 

Trusted by distinguished companies big and small.

We have two Cloud 360s and we’re extremely pleased with their performance. Previously, I was rebuilding your competitor’s machines every year.
— Chuck Griffiths, Gloria Ferrer Vineyards
For many years, we’ve used Cloud’s Tankman model for all of our food-grade tanker wash locations, achieving exceptional product reliability and customer service.
— Mark Brummitte, Kenan Advantage Group
We’ve been a distributor for over two decades and we have machines over 20 years-old that are still in service. We’ve never had any issues with quality or workmanship.
— Todd Johnson, J-Tech
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Solutions for every application.