Hygienic 4

The new Hygienic 4 designs incorporate the proven performance and self-cleaning, self-draining capabilities of the dual-nozzle Orbi-G3 and four-nozzle Orbi-G4 models, but also offer a more hygienic appearance — with no exposed gears that may get damaged during insertion into small openings in a portable installation.

The Hygienic 4 model effectively and thoroughly clean the tanks and process vessels, with a minimum of cost and maintenance, for a variety of applications in the brewing, chemical processing, food processing, bulk transport and pharmaceutical industries.

These models are hydraulically driven by the cleaning solution and will provide a thorough 360-degree cleaning pattern every 45 revolutions. The hydraulic drive gives it longer life and more reliability, without any internal drive gears to worry about. Ease of field maintenance! This offers a slower rotational speed for increased impact at lower flows, resulting in a four-nozzle attack for cleaning when needed.

The Hygienic 4 continues to have two (2) nozzle carriers consisting of a total of four (4) .172 or .125 nozzles.


  • Minimum Opening: 3.75" / 95 mm
  • PSI / Bar: 50-300 / 3.4-20.6
  • GPM / LPM: 8-30 / 30-113
  • Radius: 15 ft / 4.6 m