New Bevel Gears

New gear in foreground.

New gear in foreground.

After many months of R&D and testing - Cloud Company is excited to begin shipping our updated version of bevel gears for the Tankman,  Jumbo 6 and Hygienic 80!

What is different?

1. We have eliminated the sharp points on the outer diameter of the gears allowing easier and safer handling of the Tankman and Jumbo. Our assembly professionals really appreciate this feature and so will you. 

2. A more robust supply chain. Gear cutting is a time consuming process that tends to create a bottleneck in production. By adopting this new approach to gear manufacturing we have reduced lead time substantially.

Will these work with older gears?

YES, the new and improved gears will work with the old style. There are no compatibility issues whatsoever.

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Here at Cloud Company, we believe success lies in continuous improvement and innovation. Small changes like these make it possible for us to deliver the highest quality tank cleaning machines at a better price while keeping jobs in America!