10 Year Anniversary of Sellers Acquisition

In May, Cloud Company will celebrate its 10-year anniversary of the Sellers Cleaning Systems acquisition! Sellers has been in business since 1871, and in 1989 became Cloud Company's North American distributor after Cloud ended its relationship with former distributor, Sybron Gamajet™. In 2005, Crane Pumps & Systems (Sellers' parent company) decided to pursue the divestiture of Sellers, so it could focus on building their Pump products division. This divestiture was finalized in May 2008, when Cloud acquired Sellers and moved all manufacturing to San Luis Obispo, CA.  Mike Kemp, the Sales Manager for Sellers, already having sold Cloud products alongside Sellers' from 1989 to 2008, continued in the same capacity with Cloud (where he is currently in his 35th year of service to the industry).

Before acquiring Sellers, Cloud was the designer, patent holder, and manufacturer (OEM) for the Model 1804, and all versions of the Model II and III (sold through Sybron Gamajet™), and the current Model 360, 363, 180, 700 and SVRU family. The acquisition of the Sellers product line was a natural fit since it allowed for access to a broader line of Rotating Tank Cleaning Machines across all industries, an excellent customer base and sales network, and it resulted in a consolidation of manufacturing facilities in San Luis Obispo, CA.
Beyond inheriting a fuller product line, Cloud Company inherited Sellers' rich history. Founded in 1871, William Sellers & Co (then Bankcroft & Sellers) started out as a machine shop, much like Cloud. Their first cleaning product was William Sellers' improved design of the Giffard Steam Injector, which became well known worldwide as the B, BX and BZ Steam Injectors. In the 1940's, the need for the elimination of manual cleaning, as well as improved overall cleaning, resulted in the addition of Tank Cleaning Machines which could be used with the Sellers Injector feed units, or pumps, for more efficient cleaning inside vessels. The first models developed were the 2" and 3" Troll Ball, following shortly by the Jumbo 6, for cleaning of larger tanks and vessels. The Tankman was designed in 1980, and the Orbi series and Tankmasters were designed in the 1990’s. The product line continued to expand in 2017 with the release of the Hygienic models.
Today, we are proud to carry on a long tradition of continuous innovation and quality manufacturing in America.