Clean Large Tanks Like Never Before

Cloud Company recently visited a large-scale California winery to demonstrate the incredible cleaning power of our flagship Model 360 tank cleaning machine when paired with our 20 horsepower "Bullion" tank cleaning pump. The results were staggering.

Using plant water, "Bullion" easily generated 160 PSI of pressure, enabling the Model 360 to thoroughly rinse the walls of a massive 350,000 gallon, 40 X 50 tank in only 15 minutes! Using recirculated water, the pump made 130 PSI, more than enough for the Model 360 to completely rinse the tank walls in the same 15 minutes.

Investing in a Cloud Model 360 tank cleaning machine and Cloud 20 horsepower "Bullion" tank cleaning pump package is an easy decision. Fast and thorough cleaning saves time, money and water; and keeps your maintenance staff safe!