Experience the Cloud Difference at Your Facility


Cloud Maintenance Manager / Product Specialist Russ Lomanto has been busy visiting wineries, breweries and food production facilities throughout central and northern California in our new Mobile Service and Demonstration Sprinter Van.

On the service side, the fully-equipped van allows us to add significant value for our customers by providing tank cleaning machine maintenance and customer education in the field. We're not only repairing machines; we're teaching maintenance staffs how to minimize downtime and increase machine life.

On the demonstration side, there's no replacement for seeing the cleaning capabilities of a Cloud tank cleaning machine paired with our new 15 HP centrifugal pump in person. Behind 125 PSI of pressure, we're using the Cloud Model 360 tank cleaner to clean tanks lined with challenging materials like heavy tartrates and pulp in a single 25 minute cycle. Some of these tanks are currently taking many hours, and even days, to clean!